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I am a spanish engineer, currently based in Cambridge, with a passion for OSS development. Currently I am interested in working with frontend reactive architectures and typed languages in meaningful products. I like thin and functional frameworks in the frontend like React, Redux, and Vue. Regarding backend, I would love to keep working with typed languages like Typescript and Rust.



Software Developer November 2017 Cambridge, UK

Repositive is changing the way genetics researchers discover and interact with human DNA data. Data access is difficult and time consuming, a bottleneck for advances in cancer and genetic diseases research. Our ambition is to provide a data access process so smooth, it will be as simple as 'one click to DNA data access.

Alibaba Cloud

Machine Learning Engineer March 2017 Remote

I am participating in the CIKM AnalitiCup 2017. It is a challenge organised by Alibaba cloud where the participants have 4 months to predict short-term rainfall amount using Machine Learning algorthms applied to radar images. I am using Convolutional Neural Networks and regressions with TensorFlow and Scikit-learn over a GPU cluster in Google Cloud ML.


Senior Developer Relations Engineer November 2015 Madrid, Spain

Working as a Developer Relations in a company that looks to understand developers through the code they have written. They analyse the code of +6 million developers using Machine Learning algorithms and help over 100 customers get introduced to developers. I worked analysing the code of the developers to asses their quality. Also I developed tools using Go, Python, Qt, BigQuery and MongoDB to speed up the process of finding developers.


www.compvter.net/clasesjesus July 2015 Madrid, Spain

I had a group of two university students and two professionals. Taught Python, SQL, PL/SQL, MySQL and Oracle Database design and administration and XML.

Gigas Hosting

Fullstack Engineer Intern February 2015 Alcobendas, Spain

Improved a workflow tool (Bonita BPM) implementing an OAuth authentication with Google services and integrating it with other internal software. Programming in JavaScript, Java and Python.


Research Engineer February 2014 Rennes, France

I ported openHEVC (an HEVC/H.265 video decoder) to ARM and Texas Intruments DSP platforms, measured its performance and optimized it by using the Advanced SIMD extension (NEON) for ARM.



Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree December 2016 Remote

Supervised and unsupervised learning, TensorFlow, NN, CNN, scikit-learn.

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Master in Systems and Services for the Information Society 2014 Madrid, Spain

Final project in the field of Machine Learning.

Institut des Sciences Apliquées INSA

Electronique et Informatique Industruelle, 5th year 2013 Rennes, France

Image processing, computer vision and embedded systems.

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Degree in Telecommunication Engineering 2008 Madrid, Spain

Electronic communication systems.


  • Ember.js
  • Node.js / ES5 / ES6
  • Typescript
  • React / Redux
  • HEVC / h.265
  • Machine Learning
  • Rust

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